What's New
Here's some new stuff we've been playing with
(well, new to us anyway).

Come in and check it out!
Framed is a relatively
new company out of St.
Paul, Minnesota
producing "...technically
sound, affordable bikes
targeted to riders who
demand a bike with
tomorrow’s technology at
a great value." They are
pretty cool, just ask
Did you know Trek
made the Superfly
in a single speed?
Neither did we...till
Mark got one! Mark
says it climbs like a
monkey in
descends like an
eel in a luge, and
handles corners like
a prostitute (okay,
he didn't, but we
bet he would). It
absolutely DOES
have the coolest
adjustable dropouts
we have ever seen.
Don't just take our
word for it, ask
Marble Dan, he
liked it so much he
bought two bikes.