Who We Are
    Remember Dave and the Cutters? No? From Breaking Away. No? Well, here at
Outdoor Adventures we remember the Cutters, because by the time that movie came
out in 1979 we had already been selling and servicing bikes in Alamogordo for two
years. That's right, Outdoor Adventures opened it's doors in 1977. Think about that.
We've been around since the era of disco, bad hair, shorts that were too short paired
with socks that were too long, and flared pants that took up so much real-estate that
no one could pass you on the sidewalk.

   Outdoor Adventures has always been a locally owned, family business. In 1996
Mark Bolinger purchased the store he had worked at for years from the previous
owner. Mark has had over five
lustra of experience in the bicycle industry. His wife
Susan works at the store with him, along with their two children, Ian and Meg.

   Outdoor Adventures prides itself on offering professional sales and service of
virtually all things bicycle. Let us help you decide what style of bike is the best fit for
you. We will make sure that your new bike is fit to you, and that you are comfortable
operating it before you take it home. Mark and his team have over a half-century of
experience in the bike industry between them (that's more than fifty years to you and
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